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Thesis Collection

Fall/Winter 2019


  A story of self-identity and the transformation of a fallen angel, running toward freedom from self, escaping the midnight shadows of the forest. Inspired by women who embody power, allowing the manipulation of fabrics into a magical, couture exploration. Designs about love, healing, inner strength, and the women who have given a voice to this clothing. Her sensual majesty of true power exemplifies the lushest materials interlaced with the elegance of classic, powerful lines and elegant tailoring. A fantasy couture collection for anyone who has ever felt lost and alone in darkness.

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Fall/Winter 2019

I have always viewed the world as if it was a breathing canvas painting. As a designer, I am always reimagining and mixing colors and patterns to fit how I see the beauty that this world has to offer. My hands and my eyes are my strongest tools, and without them, my life would lack vital, vivid hues. I design for my own eyes, and I design so that the world can see the magnificent beauty that runs through my mind. I design to illustrate the romantic longings and arduous journeys upon which the women in this world embark; she is powerful, she is confident, she is cunning, and she is relentless.


My designs are the embodiment of her life and mine. 

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