In collaboration with Larry Vrba

She walks through the silent forest as her footsteps echo softly from the earth. She stumbles upon a frosty dew covered circlet of flowers and gazes at her first sight of life. With her clothing inspired by the raw nature of the forest and its thicket, the texture of the moss, and the shale of the cascading walls of the ravines, this collection’s accessories highlight the flowers peaking out from the underbrush and the buds springing from the trees after a long, cold winter. Using recycled metals and glass to form stems and brilliant flower petals paired with spreads of diamonds, a crystallized, couture forest floor is constructed. Plated in dull gold to mimic the leaves, set with enamel blossoms and dew drops, these jewelry designs are the ultimate accessories for a couture woman as she emerges from the darkness of the woods and walks toward the hopeful hues of her future. 

Jewlery #2.jpg
Jewles #4.jpg
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